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As part of Lexington LIVE's mission and desire to give back to the community, we are starting a special section in our newsletter to shine a SPOTLIGHT on Lexington and Davidson County residents who either volunteer, create, or just love the Arts.

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Melonie Rector

We shine our first spotlight on a long-time Lexington Arts creator, teacher, and performer, Melonie Rector! Lexington LIVE applauds all she does and cannot wait to get Melonie on our stage.

Melonie received her Bachelor's degree in music from Mars Hill College and her Master's degree in music education from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. In 2011, she was selected as the Lexington Middle School and Lexington City School's Teacher of the Year.

Melonie is currently the Choral Director for Lexington High School, where she is in her 31st year of education - being with Lexington City Schools for 17 of those years. Prior to teaching in Lexington, she taught for both middle and high schools in Virginia and Kentucky. Choirs under her direction have consistently received distinguished ratings both at local and national levels.

Melonie is also President of the NC Summer Institute for Choral Art and is an active member of the Lexington Choral Society. She currently resides in Lexington with her husband, Phil. Additionally, Melonie is an avid musical theatre supporter and performer, acting as the Music Director for the productions of Lexington High School.

Why Theatre is Important to Melonie:

The connection that you feel cannot compare with anything you see electronically! Even as an audience member you become a part of the show.  This does not happen without support. Live theatre connects people and is a sign of a healthy community.

First Theatrical Experience: 

"I was always in plays etc. at church.  However, the first show I remember being in  was "The King and I".  It was a children's theatre in Concord NC.  I was one of the King's wives.  I think my favorite part was the costume I got to wear!"

Favorite Show:

"Gosh, this is hard!  I guess it would be "The Sound of Music".  It's been around forever and the music never gets old for me.  I could say that about many different shows.  Different ones touch a different part of my heart!"

Shows Melonie was Involved in:

Fiddler on the Roof-Cast ('73)
Carousel-Louise ('75)
Lil Abner-Wife ('76)
Funny Girl-Fanny Brice ('78)
Sound of Music-Maria ('83)
Swingtime Canteen-WAC ('99)
Oliver-Nancy ('00)
Fiddler-Music Director ('02)
Hairspray-Music Director ('15)
Guys and Dolls-Music Director ('17)
Oklahoma-Music Director ('19)

"Melonie Rector is one of the most incredibly talented chorus teachers I have ever met. She and I developed a working relationship years ago directing musicals at Lexington High School. Her leadership, patience, and knowledge have helped me grow as a dance educator. I love watching her create and execute a project. She's committed to her students. She's committed to her art. Melonie, thank you for all you do! Thank you for not only being my colleague but also for being my friend. I love you!"

"Melonie has been a friend and colleague for almost 10 years, and she was a big part of what brought me to Lexington. It has been a privilege watching her every day as she continues to foster relationships with students and families in our community. Those relationships have allowed her to empower our young people and prepare them for life through lessons in choral music."

"Mrs. Rector plays an integral role in the tradition of choral excellence in Lexington City Schools. She spends a large amount of time outside the school day offering musical opportunities for her students. Many of her weekends are spent taking kids to festivals, conferences, competitions, auditions, and concerts. I have enjoyed being in her class and have appreciated all of the opportunities her leadership has afforded me. Her dedication to music education and her students is second to none."

Meredith Worley
Lexington Senior High School Dance Education

Catie Hitzgrath

Lexington Middle School Chorus Director 

Kinsey Calderone
Lexington Senior High School Choral Ensemble Student

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