raising $ for the arts

Why do performing arts matter? 

We feel that art has an important role in people’s lives and in our culture.

Art has the power to change lives & even change the course of history. 

We deeply believe that the arts are not frivolous. They’re not accessories or supplements for your day-to-day life. They can give you life, depth, & meaning. The arts allow our community to come together – to struggle with big questions, to attempt to understand the human condition, to expand our  worldview.

We have the opportunity to offer the Lexington community with educational & social opportunities that other types of nonprofits can’t.

All it takes is your support. 

Ways to support the local arts community:

  • Donate

  • Form a sponsorship

  • Give your time

  • Give your talents

Ask us about:

  • Open rehearsals

  • Backstage tours

  • Dinners with artists